Der Flieger



Order Information: To order send a mail to order@ruu.se with the following information:

- Product (eg J.A.C.K)
-Format (eg 50x70cm, 70x100cm)

You will receive an order approval within 24 hours with payment options including Paypal, Bank Transfer, Cash on Delivery (SWE only).

All sales are shipped with The Swedish Postal Service. If you want your shipping to be traceable and/or recomended there
is an additional fee of 100SEK (€10). Shipping time SWE 2-4 Weekdays. Shipping time EU 5-7 Weekdays. Shipping time World 5-10 Weekdays.

Return Rights: This is a High Quality product and there is a 30 day full money back guarantee
in case of shipping damage or quality insatisfaction. Mail at returns@ruu.se

Legal: All products from this site are sold under SKV2051 Hobbyism
and sales on this site will be stop if the income reaches the limit for SKV2051.

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